Muzzle Training

You never know when you’re going to need your dog to wear a muzzle.

Not everyone who muzzle trains their dog has an aggressive dog.  There are any number of reasons why you would choose to do this, including, preventing your dog eating inedible objects and causing a blockage, stopping them from eating other animal faeces on a walk, teaching them to remain calm and for veterinary staff safety when being handled through pain.  If my dog has an accident and needs surgery or extensive painful physio work, I don’t want the first time he wears a muzzle to be a traumatic experience on top of what else has happened to him – same goes with crate training.

If you have an aggressive dog, it’s important that your dog is muzzle trained before you approach a professional for training assistance.  If you need a professional to muzzle train your dog for you it will take considerably longer and be considerably more expensive for you.

We’ve trained an adult Dobermann to accept wearing a muzzle and to be happy about it in 10 sessions.  We do this using positive reinforcement and patience to shape the wanted behaviour in increments.  With this dog it took a total of 10 sessions to achieve – 5 days.  

 Watch the videos below and follow the same steps yourself to achieve the result of a happy muzzle trained dog.



Session One

Session Two

Session Three

Session Four

Session Five

Session Six

Session Seven

Session Eight

Session Nine

Session Ten


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